All about engaging a Customs broker for importing a car into Canada!


If you plan to buy your dream car offshore and want to import the vehicle into Canada, you should definitely get aware about the rigmarole that ensues. Import requirements are always confusing and complicated, and if you are not sure of how things work, the process may feel dauting. Keep in mind that the imported vehicle must be inspected by provincial agents within 45 days after entry into the country. Also, there are duties to paid, such as GST, and in some cases, depending on the model, a green levy tax must be paid, as well.

People who have no clue as how importing works often end up making mistakes, especially with regards to payments of tariffs and taxes, or miss out on requirements. Working with Customs broker like does make the process simpler. In this post, we are discussing further on if and why you may need a Customs broker!

Is it compulsory to hire a Customs broker?

No, there is no rule or law that states that you have to hire a Customs broker to get a car into Canada. Most people, including businesses and companies engaged in international trade, rely on them to make the import process smoother. There is no denying that the services of a Customs broker come for a price, but that price is definitely worth paying. All Customs brokers in Canada are licensed by Canadian Border Services Agency and their role in importing is a legitimate one.

The need for a Customs broker

When it comes to vehicle importing, a number of factors should be considered. The list includes country of origin, supplier requirements, classification of tariffs, routings, and so on. A Customs broker can focus on all these aspects while keeping the costs at a bare minimum. By engaging one of these services, especially a known and reliable one, you can actually minimize the costs considerably and keep a tab on the process. They are also well-aware of what can be done to reduce unnecessary expenses, so eventually, you are not only minimizing mistakes but saving money, as well.

Final word

Not every Customs broker is worth the time and money spent, so do your homework. Find more what they can do, and many of them may not deal in vehicle imports, so experience is also important for making a choice. Think of them as your extended arm for easy and simpler car importing.