Carpet- A Solution for floor to wall Décor


Carpets are a textile floor covering which has a upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile was initially made with wool but from 20th century, various material was used for the job especially synthetic fibers like polypropylene, nylon and polyester etc. This was done to reduce cost because fibers are much cheaper than wool. Carpets are generally used interchangeably with term rugs. However, rugs are considered quite smaller and are not attached to the floor.

Carpets are used for multiple purposes varying from insulating person’s feet from cold floor to making room a more comfortable place for sitting on floor or for simply adding decoration or color to the room.

Types of Carpets:

Carpet is one of the most popular floor décor and wall décor however, they can used for several unique purposes too. To widen the variety and range of décor, there is constant advancement in making of the carpets. The carpets are categorized based on the color, material, size and designs. However, the common types in carpets are as follow:

  • Needle Felt: These are production of the modern word. These carpets are produced by interlacing and felting individual synthetic fibers using barbed and forked needles forming a good quality and durable carpet. These carpets are best for places where there is frequent traffic.
  • Tufted: The pile is injected into a backing material which is itself then bonded to another backing made with woven hessian weave or a manmade alternative to enhance and ensure stability. These carpets have different textures and is the most common method of manufacturing home carpets for flooring.
  • Woven: These carpets are made on loom just like woven fabric. These carpets include many colored yarns to produce intricate patterns, scenery, and many things. These are expensive because they are difficult to produce, and the materials used. They are mostly used for decorative purposes on walls instead of for floors.
  • Knotted: There are multiple types of knotting like symmetrical and asymmetrical. This method allows to produce the most unique and wide range of carpets. These are used for both flooring and décor on walls.

Carpet for Wall Decor:

Carpets come in variety of patterns, colors and designs which allows it to be used in combination with variety of décor settings. Specially for big design ambitions or large floor surfaces, wall carpets are the best choice. The carpets provide unique look with a warmer look to the set up and is therefore, a popular wall décor in homes and offices. As it changes the whole room’s atmosphere and amplify the artist look to the place.

Some of these carpets are very expensive because of the material and making which is why people get skeptic while buying them. Worry no more because there are various home and content insurances. Are carpets covered by home and content insurance? Yes! Therefore, do not hold yourself back and buy your favorite piece without any hesitation.