Should You Use A Site Builder For Financial Blogs? Find Here!


Designing a financial website requires more creativity. Financial blogs and websites are heavy on content, so you cannot always rely on images and animation effects for aesthetic value. Every web page on the blog has to be appealing and readable at the same time. As with any kind of website, there are two ways to design a financial blog – You can either hire a web developer to get a customized theme, or else, consider one of the best website builders.

For the uninitiated, website builders allow users and website owners to build a website from scratch and without any understanding of coding and programming languages. This brings us to the question – Should you consider using a website builder for financial and business blogs? Here is a quick overview for your help.

Amazing features, one platform

There are all kinds of website builders out there, and you have to consider the kind of website you want to design before you select one. For example, a website that offers financial reports on sale will require a very different design than one that offers informative contents. Financial blogs often have long, text-based content, and you may not want to complicate the design. With website builders, it is rather easy to actually prototype and design the website from scratch. There are also additional advantages, such as tools for marketing and SEO and specific templates that are designed and ideal for financial and business sectors.

Which is the best website builder for financial blogs?

Wix is often considered to be an all-round website builder, and it works pretty well for financial blogs. There are also magazine templates that you can consider. Another great choice is Weebly, which also offers the best tech assistance in the industry. If you want to go for WordPress, it is also a wise choice with a thriving community. GoDaddy also has a website builder that can be considered.

Designing a financial blog

If you have finally decided to use a website builder for creating a financial blog, it is wise to look at immediate competition and find more on the existing web design trends. For finance and business websites, it is particularly important to focus on quality content and minimal design. The theme and color of the website shouldn’t make it hard to read the textual content.

It is also highly recommended that you add infographics and videos wherever viable.